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Asmus Toys: Gandalf The Grey

 Hello people; its time for something a little different in the Collectables household. Much to the dismay of the wife and my wallet, I have taken another step on the slippery one-sixth scale slope and acquired the...


Badcube OTS-12 Maintenance LORRY Masterpiece Hoist

In today’s entry into the blogosphere’s, I take a look at a pre-production version of Lorry. Lorry is Badcubes interpretation of Masterpiece Hoist. Badcube is renown for making figures that are very close to their animation counterparts and in...


GigaPower Gigasaurs HQ-02R Grassor Chrome

It was a cold and wet Friday morning, the doorbell rings, I open the door and there on the doorstep is one of the best-looking Slags I have ever seen. I am of course referring to...


Optimus Prime, only bigger…

What do you get when Toys Alliance and Hasbro get together? The start of something beautiful. Thanks to the guys over at Kapow, I had the chance to mess around with an early test shot of...

Fan Wars: Star Wars superfans launch the new toy line

Fan Wars: Star Wars superfans launch the new toy line

Hi Guys and Girls I had a lovely little email this morning about a group of Star Wars superfans who have revealed the new Toy line for Rogue One via a series of fan-made animated shorts launching on...


First Gokin Cerebral NT-01s Special Edition Krang

When I was a child growing up in England, the term NINJA was deemed aggressive so we were brainwashed into thinking Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles was the shows normal name. On the release of the live action...


WazzUp family Q-MECH Aggy

As all of you may or may not know my health has been some what questionable of late with the double back surgery’s and the amazingly inconvenient loss of feeling in my leg. So; what better way...


ThreeA Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Optimus Prime

Thanks to the guys at TFSOURCE I get to be the middle man and get hands on with the ThreeA Optimus Prime before he hits TFCON. Owning both Bumblebee and Megatron, I cannot even begin to...


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