A Swarm is coming, do you have the Masterpiece Bug?

Plague, Pestilence and famine, a swarm of Insecticons is coming to a Masterpiece collection near you but who do you choose?

It’s seems more and more companies are jumping on the Masterpiece bandwagon and at the moment we have at least three companies and counting giving us their takes on the Insecticons.

Fanstoys start off their campaign with Grenadier , their bombshell homage

imageMMC give us their Ocular Max Insecticons


And finally


My personal favourites due to the amazing G1 cartoon likeness and I feel aesthetically the most similar in style to the current Takara MP Offerings, are offing us all three as part of a value pack giving us 5-6-7 in their OTS range.

Honestly can’t wait to start adding more Decepticon MPs to the ranks.

What are other people’s thoughts ?
Please leave comments below

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3 Responses

  1. Carl Arnold says:

    I’m looking forward to the reviews on all three of them when you get them

  2. Rich Farias says:

    Like Carl.. I would have to see all three. With that being said I am leaning towards Fanstoys more though I have loved what the other two companies bring. Depending on the overall scale (is it really a masterpiece scale?) maybe I could add a set to the CHUG line.

  3. Leo Bunn says:

    Badcube all the way but i like the look of ocular max