Asmus Toys: Gandalf The Grey

 Hello people; its time for something a little different in the Collectables household.

Much to the dismay of the wife and my wallet, I have taken another step on the slippery one-sixth scale slope and acquired the Gandalf the Grey figure from Asmus.

Arriving in a very well padded box; Gandalf is laden with extra hands, staffs, clothing and a HUGE rock!

You know you have a good figure when even the wife gives her seal of approval and gives Gandalf the thumbs up.

(Although she did compare his beard to mine, stating his was better.)

I was genuinely surprised at how well made he was and the attention to detail they had gone to, to truly capture Sir Ian McKellen. I have never had a realistic adult collectable before, sure there was CHAPPiE but he was a robot and anyone can copy robots, right?

From dirt on the clothes and suede shoes to the piercingly realistic eyes, this Gandalf reignited the Hobbit in me and has inspired me to try and track down other figures from this line as well as running in front of the wife and shouting THOW SHALL NOT PASS!!!

Please take the time to watch my video review below and view my photo gallery.




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