Badcube OTS-12 Maintenance LORRY Masterpiece Hoist

In today’s entry into the blogosphere’s, I take a look at a pre-production version of Lorry.

Lorry is Badcubes interpretation of Masterpiece Hoist.

Badcube is renown for making figures that are very close to their animation counterparts and in my opinion, this can be said about Hoist, his tubby belly, nobbly knees, even the flaps that hang down behind his arms, all aspects from his animation cells that have been carried over to their product.

I have had several of the Badcube products in the past and they have continued to grow as a company. The plastic feels extremely professional and there is some good use of diecast to add heft where needed.

Those guys at Badcube are also known for dishing out random accessories with their figures and Lorry is no exception.

In this set, we get Aetheling the Red and his steed, Sir Wulf and a lance and shield to be held by Rumble as he rides Ramjet.

These accessories are completely unnecessary but fun and that’s what makes Badcube stand out , they are fun toys.

Hoist was always going to be a tricky figure for anyone to make because, as you can see from the screen grabs below, his animation model constantly fluctuated in size.

14303697_1807335432879692_100611938_o 14329026_1807336856212883_1457285865_n 14330881_1807335412879694_695787437_n 14339402_1807335439546358_2061375385_o 14360284_1807335442879691_1176211740_o

I think including the option to move Lorry’s legs up and down and being able to move his back kibble is one of the deciding factors that made me choose Lorry over his competitors.

Please check out my full gallery and review below and let me know your thoughts.

As always , all feedback on my shots and video is welcome as I strive to improve.





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