BadCube OTS 05 Claymore 06 Hypno 07 Kickbutt EVIL BUG CORP TEST SHOTS

Thanks to the guys over at Kapow Toys , i take an early look at the BadCube Insecticons Value 3Pack.

The Evil Bug Corp is their interpretation of Masterpiece Insecticons and to be honest with you i think they are fricken fantastic…fantastic

Check out my full review and gallery below






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9 Responses

  1. BadCube you guys rock…rock

  2. Great review.. Those are excellent! So glad I preordered them. I like how they make Bombshell change colour between modes..

  3. Fox Sircy says:

    Damn, you on FIRE lately.

  4. Roy Truumees says:

    Hey Ben! any chance you can upload shots of these guys with some generaitons guys or maybe even Maniaking?

  5. Roy Truumees says:

    Thanks, I dont collect MP and at 5.5” these may very well fit into a CHUG collection very well.

  6. Rich Farias says:

    Great review Ben… Any chance of adding more comparison photos with MP and some CHUG.??

  7. Josh Lang says:

    Nice review Ben! Good looking figs and very comprehensive review 🙂

  8. Mike Carter says:

    damn it Ben, now I want to buy these too. I shall resist. FT for me. When they eventually get released

  9. Godbott Ex says:

    Nice review ben, I agree with your point about a stand it even looks like these will be the first transformers able to move their head so they look like they are flying (superman pose)