Bullsfire – DB-01 Air Strike

2014 saw a surge in Masterpiece Inspired products by 3rd Party Companies and 1 particular toy got lost in the shadows. I am of course talking about the Bullsfire DB-01 Airstrike, their interpretation of Masterpiece Swoop.

On paper this figure should have worked, build quality is exceptional and its designed to scale perfectly with Mp-08 Grimlock, an already very successful toy… So why didn’t it work, why didn’t the sales of this figure reflect just how good it was ?

One word


Unfortunately it was entering a market as a new company and Fanstoys had already grabbed the MP line by the horns with Scoria, upscaled Grimlock with some platform shoes and had Soar on the way.

Fans also seemed displeased that i borrows a majority of its transformation and design from MP11

As the Mighty Skullface pointed out to me , this is like someone making a stunning painting of Batman striking an original pose and being unique… this painting sells. Now the same artist paints a picture this time of a pre existing art work from a Jim lee Cover, no one is interested

Im really glad i purchased this piece as it really does work on so many levels but being an underdog and using a preexisting transformation it seems Bullsfire were doomed from the get go.






2 Responses

  1. It also didn’t help that Fanstoys had the more accurate depiction of the character from the show.

  2. Man Tran says:

    got one for 120 ….not stupid to pay 200 for it .