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Badcube OTS-12 Maintenance LORRY Masterpiece Hoist

In today’s entry into the blogosphere’s, I take a look at a pre-production version of Lorry. Lorry is Badcubes interpretation of Masterpiece Hoist. Badcube is renown for making figures that are very close to their animation counterparts and in...

GigaPower Gigasaurs HQ-02R Grassor Chrome

It was a cold and wet Friday morning, the doorbell rings, I open the door and there on the doorstep is one of the best-looking Slags I have ever seen. I am of course referring to...

Voodoo Robots Potions Series PS-01 Salus Transformers Masterpiece Ratchet Review

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Planet X PX-07 Triton Transformers Dinobot Paddles

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DNA DK-01 – DEVASTATOR UPGRADE KIT Transformers Combiner Wars Devastator

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REmix01 Jaguar Premium Edition Transformers Masterpiece Ravage Review

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Three A 3A Transformers: Megatron Premium Scale Collectible Figure

When is a Transformer not a Transformer? When its a huge 19″ Premium Scale Collectible Figure! Thanks to the guys at TFSOURCE, I got to take a look at the Colossal effort from Three A in the...

MAKETOYS Citybot Series MCB-03 Pandinus Review and Gallery

This is my first Maketoys City bot and im honestly blown away , my only negative thought about this set was what I believed to be a QC issue. I thought I had two left hands...

Ok to KO? Knock Offs sweeping the Chinese shelves

Once upon a time the Knock Off industry was severely frowned upon and it was a dirty little secret of some of us transformer fans. However; these days you can’t even go in to your local...

Spark Toys: A Masterclass in how to enter the 3rd party market.

So its been a week since I received the loan copy of Spark Toys Alpha Pack from Lunartoystore and its now time to send him back on his way. There haven’t been many figures recently that...