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DX9 TOYS AL-01 for Combiner Wars Leader Megatron

Thanks to TF-DIRECT, I take a look at the Latest upgrade kit from DX9. This set is designed to fit the  CW Leader Megatron figure. The set itself is extremely well made with a great colour...

DX9 Toys D06 Carry

It was way back in 2011 when Masterpiece Rodimus Prime AKA Rodimus Convoy graced our toy collections and I must say he’s looking a little dated…In Steps the DX9 design ninjas with an updated version. DX9...

DX-9 D05 Chigurh Leader MP Astrotrain Pre Production Sample

DX-9 give us their take on Astro Train , the first triple changing masterpiece or master flop ? Here are my thoughts below.

Unique Toys 0-03 Fenrir AKA Not Sinnertwin

To Continue the Ordin Line (Unique Toys Not Abominus) Unique Toys have released the third figure in the Wave, O-03 Fenrir, their take on Sinnertwin Here are my thoughts