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Unique Toys Y-02 Buzzing Masterpiece Blurr

Thanks to the guys over Robotkingdom I get to take an early look at Unique Toys Buzzing, their interpretations on Blurr designed for the Masterpiece line.    

Unique Toys Y-01 Provider Octane

Unique Toys: The Company I called most improved of 2015 throws some triple changing action our way in the form of Provider. Clearly Engineered by Nasa this really is a thing of beauty. First impressions i...

Unique Toys Ordin O-04 Siegfried NOT Hun-Gurrr

Leader of the Terrorcons Hun-Gurr gets re-envisioned by Unique Toys as Siegfield, a dragon without fear. Check out my full review and gallery below  

Unique Toys Ordin O-05 Hagen NOT CUTTHROAT

  The Fifth Member on the Unique Toys Terrorcons, Hagen is probably me favourite. Who doesn’t love a bat winged robot chicken  

Unique Toys 0-03 Fenrir AKA Not Sinnertwin

To Continue the Ordin Line (Unique Toys Not Abominus) Unique Toys have released the third figure in the Wave, O-03 Fenrir, their take on Sinnertwin Here are my thoughts