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Forget Combiner Wars, I’m all about the Titans

Hasbro have had an extremely successful year with the introduction of Combiner Wars , seemingly listening to fans (adults and children alike). So why stop while your on a roll? Next year it’s all about the...

Hasbro Generations 2015 Combiner Wars Devastator

I take a look at the Mighty Devastator, a Giant Herculean effort by hasbro as part of their combiner wars series      

Generations 2015 Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus

Finally we get an Ultra Magnus figure for our generations collection that isn’t just a repaint of Optimus but is it any good ? Click the review to find out    

Hasbro Combiner Wars Leader Class Armada Megatron

Thanks to Andy over at Kapow Towers I take a look at the Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Figure Armada Megatron. Based on the original character from the 2002 Tv series, this modern update still bares a...

Hasbro Combiner Wars Stunticon Team Menasor

Thanks to the Guys over at i get a chance to take a look at Hasbro’s first completed combiner of 2015, Menasor Made up of Motormaster, Dragstrip, Deadend, Blackjack and new team member Offroad how...