Category: Masterpiece

GigaPower Gigasaurs HQ-02R Grassor Chrome

It was a cold and wet Friday morning, the doorbell rings, I open the door and there on the doorstep is one of the best-looking Slags I have ever seen. I am of course referring to...

Transformers Takara Tomy Masterpiece Ironhide MP-27 アイアンハイド

All I can remember from my childhood about Ironside in the TV series, was that he was hard as nails and that his toy looked nothing like him. I remember seeing a picture of him in...

Fans Toys FT-11 SPOTTER (Reflector)

Thanks to the team at The Chosen Prime, I get to take an early look at the latest offering from Fans Toys; the FT-11 Spotter. This is their interpretation of Reflector, one of my all time...

MP10u Earth Commander Ultra Magnus

I take a look at the KO MP10 recoloured as Ultra Magnus . This is a repaint specific to knock offs and has no official release. Is it up the task of filling that MP gap...

Takara Masterpiece Fan’s Choice MP-24 Cybertron Commander Starsaber スターセイバー

The Fan’s Choice Masterpiece figure from Takara Tomy MP-24 Starsaber is the lead Autobot character in the Japanese Transformers Series Transformers Victory (Fight! Super Robot Life-Form Transformers: Victory ) 戦え!超ロボット生命体トランスフォーマー ビクトリー This honestly has to be...

Takara Tomy MP22 Ultra Magnus

Is he truly worthy of wielding the Matrix of Leadership? Watch to find out below.

Takara Tomy MP21 BumbleBee

Finally Takara gives us the little yellow bug , but does he bite or suck ? Watch below to find out.

Takara Tomy MP22 Wheeljack

Whether he is building Dinobots with Ratchet or saving Optimus Prime’s life Wheeljack always looked great in alt mode , how does the toy fair up? Watch below to find out!

Takara Tomy MP19 Smokescreen

One of my favorite toys as a kid now gets the MP make over . Here are my thoughts below.

Takara Tomy MP13 Soundwave

Megatron’s right hand man or a superior Decepticon? Here are my thoughts.