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Maketoys RE MTRM RM-01 Cupola MP Chromedome

My first Product from Maketoys and what a great way to start. One of my favourite Headmasters of all time gets the 3rd Party Masterpiece Treatment. HEAD ON !  

Fans Toys FT-09 Tesla Masterpiece Perceptor

Finally we get a Masterpiece Representation of Perceptor in the form of FT Tesla. In my opinion this figuare is AS screen accurate as physically possible with the option to chop and change the limbs colours....

ShapeShift.Inc Microlegion Series 1 Skysnake & Heavymetal

I take a look at the premier release from ShapeShift.Inc, part of their Microlegion Series 1 SS-01 Skysnake SS-02 Heavymetal Their Versions of Starscream and Ironhide                    ...

DX9 TOYS AL-01 for Combiner Wars Leader Megatron

Thanks to TF-DIRECT, I take a look at the Latest upgrade kit from DX9. This set is designed to fit the  CW Leader Megatron figure. The set itself is extremely well made with a great colour...

Unique Toys Ordin O-04 Siegfried NOT Hun-Gurrr

Leader of the Terrorcons Hun-Gurr gets re-envisioned by Unique Toys as Siegfield, a dragon without fear. Check out my full review and gallery below  

Unique Toys Ordin O-05 Hagen NOT CUTTHROAT

  The Fifth Member on the Unique Toys Terrorcons, Hagen is probably me favourite. Who doesn’t love a bat winged robot chicken  

BadCube OTS 05 Claymore 06 Hypno 07 Kickbutt EVIL BUG CORP TEST SHOTS

Thanks to the guys over at Kapow Toys , i take an early look at the BadCube Insecticons Value 3Pack. The Evil Bug Corp is their interpretation of Masterpiece Insecticons and to be honest with you...

DX9 Toys D06 Carry

It was way back in 2011 when Masterpiece Rodimus Prime AKA Rodimus Convoy graced our toy collections and I must say he’s looking a little dated…In Steps the DX9 design ninjas with an updated version. DX9...

Hasbro Generations 2015 Combiner Wars Devastator

I take a look at the Mighty Devastator, a Giant Herculean effort by hasbro as part of their combiner wars series      

Art Feather AF006 GOLDBUG G1 Animation Version

With Masterpiece GOLDBUG just around the corner I take a look at one of the older contenders for the throne. Click on the review below and let me know your thoughts.