DX9 TOYS AL-01 for Combiner Wars Leader Megatron

Thanks to TF-DIRECT, I take a look at the Latest upgrade kit from DX9. This set is designed to fit the  CW Leader Megatron figure.

The set itself is extremely well made with a great colour match to the original hasbro product. The plastic is robust and med to a high quality which is what we have come to expect from DX9.

The installation is pretty straight forward apart from the hands, they feel very unnatural and requires bending and twisting the hasbro plastic.

The overall appearance is amazing and well worth the money.

BNVCA for $5 off over $100 orders

Click below for the video review


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1 Response

  1. I have the kit and it is really cool, there is a degree of clown feet going on with it though!