DX9 Toys D06 Carry

It was way back in 2011 when Masterpiece Rodimus Prime AKA Rodimus Convoy graced our toy collections and I must say he’s looking a little dated…In Steps the DX9 design ninjas with an updated version.

DX9 delivers a stunning rendition which appears to draw inspiration from War Within and IDW.

Check out my review below of the early TEST SHOT , thanks to the guys of at TF-Direct.com

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13 Responses

  1. Cartoon accuracy is NEVER outdated. Curry looks like crap and is a step down from mp09 (I hate mp09 to this day). I’ll take a detachable trailer any day over a shellformer.

  2. Nice figure, but not G1 enough for me to place it with my MP line. I love how they were able to incorporate this as one piece. Trying to see the video, but Ben, in vehicle mode, it is not in scale with the MP line, correct?

  3. Perry Bulmer says:

    Could please do a photo of carry in mp-09s trailer. I would like to know if he’s able to wield the big gun. Cheers Ben. And great review.

  4. Rich Farias says:

    The alt mode for this figure is fantastic.. However I wish the vehicle mode was just a bit bigger. Looks voyager size to me. And you are correct Ben the MP trailer is way too big.. It shouldn’t be bigger than primes trailer.

  5. Rob Burch says:

    Nice review, very informative.
    Watching this just made the sale. I have an MP Rodimus and he’s by far the weakest MP I own. I’ve already had to make repairs and mods to it.

  6. Ben Gleed says:

    You’ve totally sold me on this figure. Really looking forward to it! Thanks Ben 🙂

  7. Nearly sold it to me until the tiny vehicle mode. Looks amazing in robot mode though. I was smiling all the way through that transformation. Beautiful engineering. Absolutely beautiful., 🙂

  8. Jeff Stein says:

    Great review, Ben. Any chance he can hold MP Rodimus’s rifle? I love everything I’m seeing except the Targetmaster.

  9. Can you throw him against the wall again? LOL

  10. I MUST own this. This is exactly what I want out of a Rodimus (the best Prime) 🙂

  11. Great review. I’ll be ordering tomorrow.

  12. Zfarsh TF says:

    Damn it, sometimes i wish i hadnt decided to leave MP scale except for Dinos and Bugs, cause this one really is beyond phenominal looking, and i hate Rod… but i absolutely love this one. Also, i love simple transformation, but for some reason, this one that has so many steps still seems very interesting to me. I personally like both modes alot. Only flaw visually is the chest flame, they should have done it like MP-09. For the target master, i only care about the gun mode for it (dont like the bot mode at all, but meh, nice enough gun so it’s all good).

  13. Ty Heard says:

    Just watched the review. (Mind I couldn’t comment on youtube) Have to say, looks pretty awesome, was brilliant on Dx9toys part where he transforms with the trailer, was very surprised on that.
    But I do have to ask Ben, from a scale 1-10, how much would you recommend this figure & is it better than Astrotrain?? Looks sorta easy to transform too, surprisingly.