Fans Toys FT-06 Sever Test Shot Review

Brought to you by the guys at TFs-Express, Fanstoys FT-06 is the third in the Iron Dibots instalment, Fanstoys take of the Masterpiece Dinobots.

Sporting extremely good ratchets on both his legs and arms, Sever is a far cry from the floppy legged problems we had with Scoria.

With a very cartoon accurate look and the build quality FT are renown for, here is my review of this Chromed out heavy metal Stegosaurus.





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4 Responses

  1. Deffo wanna pick this up, got their Soar and he’s just lovely!

  2. Joon Kim says:

    thanks again for the great review. i can def tell in your tone tho how much more you favor giga, hahaha. with regard to FT’s other bots, i agree with you. not a big fan of scoria or soar. i think both of them are particularly… plain. sever does seem to be a step up. i think with quakewave, it was easy to go plain because of shockwave’s innate smooth, curvatures (also cuz lack of competition). but considering the 3p dino-wars of 2014~2015, the bar is being set really high.

  3. Luis Amado says:

    You’re the man Ben!

  4. Luis Amado says:

    Record a toy update and I’ll play it on shows