Fans Toys FT-09 Tesla Masterpiece Perceptor

Finally we get a Masterpiece Representation of Perceptor in the form of FT Tesla. In my opinion this figuare is AS screen accurate as physically possible with the option to chop and change the limbs colours.

It truly is Stunning piece of engineering and making it a working microscope is a great little Touch.

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5 Responses

  1. the head could be better.

  2. What’s the significance of swapping colored limbs??is this something from the comics??was the blue a different character???

  3. Got mine today. Got to agree with the head issues when transforming him. Doubt I’ll ever risk that again. Apart from that, he’s a lovely figure

  4. Rob Pike says:

    Sigh, and there’s me getting out of the third party game

  5. Rich Potter says:

    Bizarrely today is Nikola Tesla’s Birthday 😮