Fansproject LER-03 Lost Exo Realm Volar & Velos

Thanks to the guys over at Kapow Towers, Ive finally jumped on the Fansproject Dino band wagon , fuelling my dirty dino addiction.

The Video and Gallery below are of Volar, FP’s interpretation of Swoop and i must say they haven’t disappointed.

Great plastic quality, fantastic sculpting and more articulation than you can shake a big Dino stick at.

Further more, with the introduction of pilots in this series my brain is flooded with past memories of Dinoriders






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3 Responses

  1. Were you not tempted by Toyworlds offerings Ben ?

  2. Hi Ben, do you notice there is a crack on the one side of the back of the neck hinge?

  3. Ben,this guy seems alot more simpler and not as involved as the stegasaurus guy you reviewed not too long ago (sorry,I dont remember names,bayformers fan 😉 )

    Is this a lower prices line?no combining?

    When you have all the various companies teams complete I think it would be cool if you gave us your opinion on the best team?

    Or maybe,do you think they have enough continuity to have select characters from each of the offerings to have almost the best team 🙂