Fansproject Saurus Ryu Oh DINOICHI ダイノキング

Thanks to the guys over at Kapow Towers, I get to take a look at the latest offering from Fansproject.

Dinoichi is part of there Saurus Ryu-Oh line, a homage line to Transformers Victory’s Dinoking

Dinoichi himself is a direct nod to Dinoforce Warrior Kakuryu, the simple Triceratops who forms the head and upper torso of Dinoking

Very excited about this line and first impressions don’t disappoint, please check out my gallery and review below




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3 Responses

  1. Rich Farias says:

    Mine should be here Wednesday. Also looking forward to getting those pretender shells.

  2. Szabó Imre says:

    Funny thing is that he was the only one I had from this team as a kid, I think my aunt bought it in Italy when she was there on vacation years ago 😀
    At that time I only know the marvel comic and the G1 cartoon, I had no idea who he is 🙂