First Gokin Cerebral NT-01s Special Edition Krang

When I was a child growing up in England, the term NINJA was deemed aggressive so we were brainwashed into thinking Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles was the shows normal name.

On the release of the live action movie in 1990, it became apparent to all the children living in England that there was a big title discrepancy.

Although the names were different the content, as a whole, was the same (well apart from any of the Michaelangelo fighting with his nunchaku scenes , these were edited out) and enjoyed by millions of children worldwide.

I used to come running home from school, jump in front of the TV and sit back and enjoy those four green teens defeat the shred head and his boss Krang.

Skip forward 2 decades and the franchise is just as popular as it was then with toys taking over collections of both kids and adults.

Until now the toy market has pretty much been controlled by the likes of Playmates and Mattel. In steps First Gokin , a third-party company hell-bent on giving adult collectors a damn good turtles collection.

They have recently released a new gallery, through Lunartoystore, of their up and coming interpretation of shredder and it looks incredible.

I thought it’s time I revisited this franchise and jump on the First Gokin waggon with their debut piece in the Turtles world Cerebral aka Krang.





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