Forget Combiner Wars, I’m all about the Titans

Hasbro have had an extremely successful year with the introduction of Combiner Wars , seemingly listening to fans (adults and children alike). So why stop while your on a roll?

Next year it’s all about the Titans with Powermasters, G2 Redecos and Headmasters all coming in to play we better get saving

Below are the latest product shots from Hasbro and I have to admit , I feel giddy like a child again…

My wallet (and wife) are going to hate me



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6 Responses

  1. Official mp headmaster would be great

  2. I bet your wife will forgive you…besides she knows its a hobby and not an addiction…well I take that back it’s both.

  3. So…I have to admit, Power Master Prime gives me a happy

  4. Bruticus in G2 colours looks like someone sculpted him out of Starburst sweets.. (Remember when they were called opal fruits?)

  5. PM Prime looks amazing, though slightly disappointed they did not engineer the arm panels in such a way that they would cover up those hollow lower arms.

    And I guess I am a bit disappointed that Prime’s boob windows are so small, it makes it look like the “Powermaster” part of his torso looks more like the Apex Armor itself. Had the windows been bigger and the part that covers the grill be smaller, he would have looked even better IMO.

  6. Trust me, you aren’t the only one thinking this.