GCreations SRK-02 Growl (Not Snarl)

GCreations have previously given us Thunderous and now unleash their Growl.

Growl is their interpretation of Snarl the Stegasaurus Dinobot Drawing inspiration from Generation 1 and Classics this interpretation could fill a lot of gaps in collections

Here is my full review and Gallery







Since producing this video i have discovered the arm pegs that i was struggling with are on sliders attached to the ball jointed shoulders

If you compress the shoulders against the torso this slides the section in side the shoulder creating a peg hole for the guns to grip in

please view the pictures below, they show the shoulder peg in the correct position , the arm joint that is attached to the ball and the shoulder showing the peg sunken o the guns cant attach .

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5 Responses

  1. can you take a pic of him next to CW devastator?

  2. Zfarsh TF says:

    nice pics, I didn’t know his guns could be stored on his back.

  3. Zfarsh TF says:

    Any chance you can measure his height, and his width shoulder to shoulder?

  4. Fuck me! – I had a sheltered childhood.i had no idea the dinobots combined too! 😀 awesome!

  5. So, of all four of “not Snarl” figures, who won the 1st prize ?