Gcreations Thunderous Dinobot (NOT SLUDGE)

Finally Gcreation Dinobots are hitting stores and I get to take an advanced look at Thunderous , their first bot and Homage to Sludge

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8 Responses

  1. Zfarsh TF says:

    Fantastic, his Dino mode is so awesome

  2. Krayton Noom says:

    Cant wait to own them all.

  3. Wow… This still keeps going.

  4. Mike Kaess says:

    You’re the reason he’s in my tfsource stack. I was already set on just buying the FP Dinobots. Not I’m buying 2 sets of Dinobots.

    It’s your fault 😉

  5. Lol it’s all my fault 😛

  6. Jon Strong says:

    So very, very close to biting on this one. I don’t even think I’m after any of their others but this dude has something and whatever it is I love (hate) it for it!

  7. Eli Cuevas says:

    This starts a trend for MP combiners of the G1 Eight.

  8. Man Tran says:

    what the relase date ?