Hasbro Combiner Wars Leader Class Armada Megatron

Thanks to Andy over at Kapow Towers I take a look at the Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Figure Armada Megatron. Based on the original character from the 2002 Tv series, this modern update still bares a close likeness as well as having the ability to form Megatron Super Mode or Burning Megatron.

Take a look at my video and gallery and share your thoughts








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6 Responses

  1. Joon Kim says:

    Really fun review, Ben! Thanks so much. Loved the stop animation bits lol. It’s easy to see when someone truly loves their work 🙂

  2. Thanks Joon yeah I’m kind of a little addicted to stop motion right now lol

  3. Bill Barclay says:

    Yeah I love his G2 tank look, with the added bonus of attaching Tidal Wave to him

  4. Mcqueen Hsu says:

    How to combine the back machine ?

  5. Carl Arnold says:

    Hope to find him in universal studios Orlando park tomorrow