Hasbro Generations 2015 Combiner Wars Devastator

I take a look at the Mighty Devastator, a Giant Herculean effort by hasbro as part of their combiner wars series






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17 Responses

  1. Giant? Herculean? SERIOUSLY!

  2. wow the entire thing is hollow and the articulation is sub-par at best and for 179.99 at least kids can play with it as for us collectors glad we have other choices for devy

  3. Is the review up in youtube buddy??

  4. Thank you for the video review!!!

  5. For such a big bot it looks cheaply built. Generation one was tough, you could chew that thing like a ham sammidge and it would barely effect it.

  6. Nick Windsor says:

    I still think I want to get this set. Just to have a giant titan combiner of that size without spending $500+.

  7. Cody Spring says:

    Freaking Awesome great review man. Can’t wait for it to get here. I’m thinking maybe December lol

  8. Rich Farias says:

    Great review Ben… Still waiting to see the DX9 Carry review

  9. Can the arms be swapped around? Like could bonecrusher be a right arm?

  10. I have not been liking they overly simplistic transformations with the newer toys. But I love it here, it works and they really seem like big sized copies of the set I had as a kid, and that is a great thing!

  11. Yes I agree clunky and ugly the arms look skinny and chest too wide .but it would have been awesome in the 90 ‘ s and it is pretty g1 close ,the purple turd on Mixmaster has got to go.

  12. Wow. How’d you get this so early?

  13. I still don’t dig any of the combiner wars figures hasbro seems to have gone backwards not forwards. Quality has gone right the other way. Generations and universe classics were well built figures the new stuff just seems hollow and tacky.

  14. Great review! Thanks for posting. Can you take a few shots with a ruler for actual size? And/or With Combiner Wars Megatron/Prime?