KO Oversized TFC Uranus

With Combiners sprouting up left right and centre and the designs getting more and more complex , how can we make a combiner that stands out from the crowd, get new software, hire better designers ??

China has the Answer!

Lets take someone else’s design reverse engineer it and blow it up to titan class.

Thats pretty much what happened with the new Oversized Ko of TFC Uranus.

Standing nearly eye to eye with Titan Class Devy this customisers dream comes in at on $59 from Sirtoys





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7 Responses

  1. His right is a copy of warbotrons
    Blast off

  2. Chris Labrador for less than $60 (minus shipping) I don’t think you could go wrong here….it would take a little work but I think you might be interested in this 🙂

  3. I don’t know Josh… I really don’t like the face sculpt and the oversize KO thing kinda turns me off…

  4. Rob Burch says:

    I’ve ordered mine, not sure which direction I want to take it.
    I’m thinking of making them look as accurate to real-world military as possible, finding appropriate scaled decals and the like.

    I’m also going to be modding the scrap out of Silverbolt; still bugs the hell out of me.
    Not that he turns into a Blackbird, the SR-71 is one of my favourite planes, it’s that he turns into a Blackbird with a shipping container strapped beneath it.

  5. Keith Hayes says:

    Ohmigod my son is going to go mental over this. I’d like to see this next to his anniversary Metroplex. And in no way am I nerding hard about this whatsoever…..

  6. Ordered mine a couple days ago. I’ve been having so much fun modding my KO Hercules, I figured I’d have fun doing stuff with this as well 🙂