MAKETOYS RE:Master MTRM-07 ビジュアル ライザー ズ Visualizers

First there was the 3rd Party Dinowars, then Bug Wars and now Reflector wars.

It seems more and more companies are offering us similar items allowing collectors to pick and choose figures to their liking. I take a look at The Visualizers , MAKETOYS interpretation of Reflector.

Build quality is high end (what we have come to expect from MAKETOYS) and the paint applications are impeccable.

The set bares a striking resemblance to the G1 Animation and with Their Chromedome homage Cupola being one of my favourite figures in my collection this team just solidly confirm their place in the high end Masterpiece series.



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3 Responses

  1. It seems like all of them are good Reflector figures in their own way, I would have no idea of which one to get if I was buying one.

  2. Man Tran says:

    You forgot devastator wars

  3. Yeah, Devastator Wars (2 times!!), Astrotrain wars, Hound wars, Galvatron wars, etc, etc… Hahhahahahh… 😀