When I was a child I was amazed by how the Mitsubishi Fuso Truck looked and sounded and always wanted the Inferno and Grapple toys.

20 Years later, I have a knock at the door and the post lady hands me this modern day masterpiece.

The Toy itself is heavily built up around the sides, feeling more similar to the original toy than the real Fuso crane which had very open sides. Personally I prefer this look; It seems more in keeping with the Current Masterpiece line.

Check out my full review and gallery below and let me know your thoughts?





7 Responses

  1. Ben Gleed says:

    Agh I really want this guy but I don’t think I want to import it :/

  2. Is that was they were based on. I always wondered if they had a real life counterpart

  3. he looks easy to transform ? unlike previous mt products.

  4. Dryl Bitz says:

    Maketoys is killing it right now.

  5. Is this available on general release yet?

  6. Its reallyreallygood & reallyreallygreat. 😀