Mecha Workshop Armarauders Bellerophon Cam’s Custom


In a war against an alien threat that spans the galaxy, a soldier must adapt, alter, and conform as needed in order to survive and prevail. Named after the hero of Greek mythology who slew the monstrous Chimera, the Bellerophon is designed to function as a multi-purpose and highly mobile infantry unit—an ultra-advanced mech that serves as both grunt and warhorse against the onslaught of a relentless enemy. With the addition of specially designed optional equipment, the Bellerophon serves as a “jack of all trades” on the battlefield, and can be called upon to serve on a wide range of specialty missions

Here is the Armarauders Web Page

Click here for a Animated Short i made to showcase the Bellerophon’s articulation


Being Produced and Manufactured by T-Rex and Sentinel you know you are guaranteed only the highest level of Final production quality , take a look at my review of the sample below to see what a truly amazing figure this is.

Here is a Full Gallery


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