Ok to KO? Knock Offs sweeping the Chinese shelves

Once upon a time the Knock Off industry was severely frowned upon and it was a dirty little secret of some of us transformer fans.

However; these days you can’t even go in to your local Dollar store without seeing strange coloration’s of familiar faces.

There are three main KO groups raising the bar in China and their products seem to be taking the transformer world by storm.

Jinbao started off by giving us a cheaper version of TFC Hercules, they followed that up with an over sized version of TFC Uranus and finally gave us a pretty impressive over sized version of MMC Feral Rex in the form of In to The Sky.

Wei Jiang, like Jinbao started to get noticed by the TF community by over sizing the Toyworld Throttlebots. They have since released pretty much all of the Age Of Extinction line but over sized it or added die-cast.

The made a huge impact when they took Masterpiece MP10 and AOE Evasion mode Optimus Prime and over sized them but made alterations and improvements to both molds in the form of MPP10 and M01, both phenomenal figures.

And last but no means least is Kubianbao. Much like Wei Jiang, Kubianbao made their place at the knock off table by bootlegging the AOE figures making alterations and adding die-cast. They are also known for knocking off the DX9 add-on kits and including them with their products. One of Kubianbao’s most recent releases was their take on AOE Hound, named Detective. The name comes from the literal translation and toy wise they did an outstanding job. Now Wei Jiang had already given us an over sized Hound but its not even a fraction of the size of Detective.

With added detailing on the face, new transforming shoulder pads and a tactical vest with grenades this figure really does look the part. Oddly enough he is designed to perfectly scale with the Wei Jiang M01 Evasion Optimus.

I often find my questioning why Hasbro isn’t putting a stop to these productions. The companies never use the names or Logos , could they have possibly purchased the molds or designs from Hasbro? Maybe one last way of Hasbro making some money off those darn Bumblebee molds? Who knows, not me that’s for sure. But I can tell you these releases have really sparked my interest for the Bay-verse figures again turning what was practically a fizzled out interest into a must buy them all passion. I now find myself hunting down the Human Alliance figures to scale with these amazing bots.


Some may say this process is wrong and that its very easy to use someone else’s design and improve on it but I truly believe these companies have capitalized on a huge area of the market Hasbro has missed.

They are Giving us screen accurate robots with accurate scale, turning deluxe figures in to Voyagers and even Leaders so they scale with their brethren and making them affordable to everyone.


I honestly cant wait to see what these companies have in-store for us next, Kubianbao are making their own seekers, Wei Jiang are making over sized Masterpiece Bumblebees, Jinbao have a Neo Predaking coming. I love it. My wallet? Not so much !

Please feel free to check out the full review and gallery of Detective below.




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7 Responses

  1. Romãn Oscar says:

    Well it depends on the Ko but I’ve now seen and purchased ko figures that are better than the original. 🙂

  2. Deceptecon smoking

  3. Tye Nificent says:

    I’m surprised that they didn’t do more to ad31 but in the future I’ll ko everything except deluxes.

  4. Romãn Oscar says:

    I’m building around MPP10, and MPP10 Nemesis version, oversized evasion prime, and Cloud 9. I think they are giving a few of us collectors better options at cheaper prices. I see some of them only getting better and bigger. You can see vendors trying to be a little greedy but usually the price goes down after a nice ko figure comes out once the buzz goes down. I have a few vendors that I always buy from. Oversized Evasion prime is back down to $94 with free shipping and handling. When it was first out $115. I got my MPP10 for $92 with free shipping and handling. I guess it depends on when you buy the figure and if the vendor is trying to clear back stock. For me I would take a cheaper higher quality figure that are now being released as ko over the official ones. Not saying they are better overall but they are easier on the wallet and I love big bots! I’m not into paying $150 plus shipping and handling on a figure with close to zero paint apps, scarce molded on details, and comes with cheap stickers only because it’s the official figure . Lol I’m not one of those collectors that is looking for return on investment. I just love mecha, bots, androids, cyborgs, bots that transform, or even just steampunk. I am no Hasbro fanboy and the future looks promising with figures like MPP10, Cloud 9 Quackblast and I feel blessed not to have one bad Ko figure yet. The only thing I kinda worry about is what exactly they use in plastic because I worry some might go cheap and us toxic materials. Getting lead in a figure wouldn’t be cool but maybe that’s my peranoia. I’ve only recently in the last year started buying Ko figures. I’ve yet to meet a Ko figure I didn’t like but maybe that’s because I end up customizing them and solving any issues. Making a Ko figure look nice is kinda my thing now. I have my second cloud 9 quackblast on it’s way, paid $78 free shipping and handling, and Ko Dx9 armor with die-cast evasion prime that I got at $27.50 with free shipping and handling. The greed with vendors is wrrily getting out of control mister beard. People love to argue that it’s the licensing or shipping costs but yet I can get a 2 pound boxed figure from Singapore for less than $80 with free shipping and handling? This is a picture of my first Ko figure and first small custom. Sorry I got lost in that thought. Love your reviews mister beard and keep up the hard work!~☆ 😛

  5. Man Tran says:

    2 reasons why buy KO.first,they cheap(not too cheap)…second,they good(if not the best but close to original or even way better ) just my 4 cent.

  6. Can’t wait for Nero Rex one! It’s going to be awesome