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Unique Toys 0-03 Fenrir AKA Not Sinnertwin

To Continue the Ordin Line (Unique Toys Not Abominus) Unique Toys have released the third figure in the Wave, O-03 Fenrir, their take on Sinnertwin Here are my thoughts

Space Deleter Deluxe Planet Saver 空间战击队 星球战击王

The Second Large Gattai in the Series , i take a look at the Planet Saver , formed by the Green Shadow Dish and the Yellow Steel Drill  

Xovergen – TF-02 God Armor Add on Kit

After nearly a two year wait Xovergen finally deliver the God Armour Upgrade Kit for their Trailer Force TF-01 Figure , here are my thoughts

GigaPower HQ-03 Guttur Masterpiece Snarl

What a monstrous Dino, I take a look at the first offering at the Masterpiece Table from GigaPower. How does it fair against the already established Fanstoys? Click on the video below to find out.

Ark Studio VIP Series 01 02 03

Sometimes good things really do come in small packages , here are my thoughts on Ark Studios first offering to the 3rd Party Table  

Hasbro HEROCROSS HMF 015 Optimus Prime

A Super Deformed Movie Masterpiece in the form of the licensed HEROCROSS HMF#15 DOTM Optimus Prime. Here are my thought

Webpage Video Review Test Post

Transformers Takara Masterpiece Ultra Magnus The best Masterpiece figure from Takara to date ? Here are my thoughts

Takara & 3rd Party Masterpiece

We just now got our Takara & 3rd Party Masterpiece videos live on site. Feel free to look around while more is being added. Thank you and enjoy!