Perfect Effect Leonidas PE-DX05 (Lio Convoy)

Thanks to the guys over at Robotkingdom I get to review and showcase this little gem from Perfect Effects

Leonidas is based on the Beast Wars 2 character Lio Convoy who ended up leading the Maximals.

This is a beautiful representation with truly stylised flare

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6 Responses

  1. Rich Farias says:

    This figure looks amazing.. Great job by Perfect Effect.

  2. Awesome review dude. Really hoping to pick one up at AA.

  3. Gao Yang says:

    Bot mode looks beast, alt mode not so (same with Warden). Wish PE made use of more ratchet joints. Their figures are so fun to mess around with that they would benefit from ratchets. That said, I can’t wait for mine to arrive!

  4. Saw your review and was sold just ordered !

  5. Eric here you go bro

  6. Xander Iacon says:

    Great review Ben! can you take any shots with him and Leo Dux?