Threezero AMC The Walking Dead 1/6 scale Rick Grimes

With season 7 of AMC The Walking Dead just around the corner, I thought I would take a look at the 1/6 scale Rick Grimes figure from Threezero.

Slowly and steadily I’m making up a zombie apocalypse team and Rick is a very welcome addition.

There have been a couple of unlicensed versions on the market such as the offering from Damtoys but none of these really bared any real resemblance to Andrew Lincoln.

Threezero has delivered a very good all round figure with a great sculpt, all be it he looks a little older and is scowling but he is a very moody character and does scowl a lot in the show.

The clothes are very well tailored and very close to that worn in season 5.

The t-shirt is perhaps a little thick and comes across as more of a sweater than a t-shirt but that’s me nitpicking.

Please check out my full review and gallery below and let me know your thoughts.



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