Spark Toys: A Masterclass in how to enter the 3rd party market.

So its been a week since I received the loan copy of Spark Toys Alpha Pack from Lunartoystore and its now time to send him back on his way. There haven’t been many figures recently that I’ve grown this attached to but I’ve not been able to put this guy down.

I know he is just a pre-production sample and the paint hasn’t even been through the baking process  yet, but he’s one of those figures that you keep picking up, transforming and posing.

They really managed to capture the Dreamworks art and although drawing most of the engineering from the Titanium by hasbro; this figure really is a masterclass in how to get your first product out there and please the masses.

The figure genuinely impressed me so much that I’ve cleared a display shelf in the hope that we get Spark Toys Megatron and Grimlock sooner rather than later.

Ive been speaking with fans and they voice their concerns on the size of the head. The head in my opinion is spot on, exactly like he was drawn in the comics.

We can’t demand comic book accuracy and then expect them to change proportions can we ?

I feel the only thing this figure lacks is possibly the battle trailer which was present in the comics.

Please feel free to watch my video (recommended to watch in 108op 60fps) and peruse my gallery.




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11 Responses

  1. I don’t think it is a masterclass anyway.

  2. Incredibile review, can’t wait to get mine, it’s a little dream that’s becoming true <3

  3. I am so looking forward to this one. With Megatron & Grimlock plans as well I am indeed one happy camper. 😊 👍 👍

  4. Tommy Pang says:

    When is this actually out? It says it was due to release in December 2015 on the lunar store website?

  5. What happened the paint on his face and head?

  6. Nate Hammond says:

    Amazing review as always, Ben.