Takara Masterpiece Victory Leo in the works?

More and more speculation Is arising surrounding the mysterious connectors located on Star Saber MP24 feet image

These connectors play no part in either robot or vehicle transformation which leads me to believe they are to attach MP Victory Leo. How Amazing would an MP Victory Saber Be.

What are your thoughts on this , would it be a sellout or a flop ?

Is this going to affect MP24 sales ?


Do do we need another victory figure ?




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18 Responses

  1. Yes please!!! And then Dezarus, dethsarus, drsthsaurus… dirthouse… whatever he goes by

  2. Ivan Prenc says:

    Omg. Yes please. Oh, yes pretty please.

  3. Suspected this would happen, if he combines with Masterpiece Starsaber then the combined Victory Saber will be huge.

  4. Jim Beaudry says:

    Nope, this won’t affect Star Saber resale prices AT ALL.

  5. Hope so. Even tho it will def be massive.

  6. I hope this is true. I really want to have a masterpiece Victory Saber

  7. If that’s true then I have to buy myself the MP Starsaber.

  8. Greg Gould says:

    I’ll definitely get it. If you bought MP Star Saber, you might as well go all out.

  9. Ton of lions in the mood (SOC GX-68, Perfect Effect, Gundam, new Voltrons, etc…).

  10. Is this TRUE & confirmed?

  11. Oh god i would love it to be true 🙂

  12. Please takara do mp victory leo

  13. Simon Barlow says:

    It’s been said in interviews that the toy is designed with a Leo in mind – it’s done so they have the option to do a Leo down the road rather than a confirmation. Though let’s face it, why wouldn’t Takara-Tomy go whole hog?

  14. Nixx Tani says:

    If this happens and is executed perfectly I’d know this would be money well-spent 🙂