Takara Tomy MPZ-01 Masterpiece Shield Liger Gallery & Data

MPZ-01 Masterpiece Shield Liger

by Takara Tomy

Quick note from author: Hello, this is Tec from TF-Prototype, Ben asked to fill in a bit where I could and seeing as I was about to write this article on TF-Prototype’s web site and seen the interest Ben had generated on his Facebook about the subject we thought maybe here would be a better place. Hope you like the article and don’t mind me not being Ben. Enjoy!

Being a Transformer collector as an adult I find it wonderful to see these toy lines I loved as a kid being reproduced with new technologies and life brought back to them. If this is anything like the Transformers  Masterpiece line it will consist of far superior engineering and attention to detail. It seems like these may have a strong following for collectors like Ben and even myself. Look through what little information we have on this beast and let Ben know what you guys think in the comments. Would this be something you want to see him review? What do you guys think of Takara Tomy tackling this line?


Forgive rough Google translation please.

Shield Liger:

Lion Type


Aoki Gale to direct the Republic fast combat Corps.

For the current development in progress, of technical data details are unknown.
In addition to energy shield generator of mane the head left and right also became possible deployment, also expanded cooling system part of the side part.
“Nut type” cap legs have long-term durability.
Inside you have deployed a missile pod, is seen animal looked like shape, such as the spine.

Wait a follow-up! !

Technical Data:

Coming soon!’

Release Date:





Images gathered / data quoted and translated from here.

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7 Responses

  1. Joong Kim says:

    I am hoping this does well enough so I can see a Blade Liger from this line.

  2. Tim Kinge says:

    as if i dont have enough to buy already! hope they do the liger zero with armor addons. and the blade liger….and cannon tortoise….aagh! so many figures they could make! really looking forward to these.

  3. Adam Jacombs says:

    Ok I see the point of these…but the kotobokiya (spelling) kits looks way better tho you have to assemble them yourself

  4. Awww man I was pretty young when I saw this show, I would love the huge purple Dino with its doom laser!

  5. Onkel Fipo says:

    Kotobukiya Highend master models are masterpieces enough

  6. Tim Kinge says:

    the kotobukiya kits are amazing, but very fragile and fall apart at the drop of a hat.