The Lord of the Rings: Grishnakh by Asmus Collectible Toys

Hot on the heels of my Gandalf the Grey review, I am blessed with yet another addition to my Middle-earth collection, Grishnakh the Orc.

Once again Asmus have delivered with this flesh-hungry 1:6 scale Masterpiece.

Although Grishnakh comes with a smaller selection of accessory’s than some of Asmus’s figure, the ones he has are extremely fun such as the Spear of Rohan.

One of the only flaws Grishnakh has, if you can call it a flaw, is his hair comes styled, slicked back with some sort of a holding product in it. I simply heated his hair with steam from my kettle and brushed it to the style I required. It would have been nice if the hair had come pre-styled ( see told you it wasn’t really a problem)

Please feel free to check out my full video review and photo gallery below