Three A 3A Transformers: Megatron Premium Scale Collectible Figure

When is a Transformer not a Transformer? When its a huge 19″ Premium Scale Collectible Figure!

Thanks to the guys at TFSOURCE, I got to take a look at the Colossal effort from Three A in the form of Transformers Dark of the moon Megatron.

Megatron arrived in huge box filled with layer upon layer of very secure foam padding.

Opening this brought out the child in me ; it was like a thousand Christmas’s at once!

The figure looked, felt and SMELT amazing. Yes I said smelt it had that amazing case fresh, paint fresh smell.

In hand he felt study, secure and robust.

I can only liken his build quality to the 18″ Neca Pacific Rim figures but on steroids.

He instantly gained the centre piece position on my mantel.

The levels of detailing on Megatron are insane. I’ve not known anything like it, its literally like they have printed the CGI model.

After hours of play , photographing and reviewing this guy I really only have two gripes and both relate to articulation.

1: He needs a rotation cut at the elbow

2: He needs waist swivel

Both are not essential as he poses perfectly fine without them but they would have been a preference.

The biggest draw back about this toy is the cost. Its 100% worth every penny but it means I now have to save my ass off to get the others in the series.

With Bumblebee already out and Starscream and Optimus on the Horizon I’m going to need to sell a kidney and maybe a spleen; do people buy spleens?

Feel free to check out my full review and gallery below.