Threezero CHAPPiE – My first step on the slippery slope of 1/6th figures

I recently received Threezero’s stunning movie accurate rendition of CHAPPiE from Hobby link Japan and I was truly blown away.

For years now I’ve been watching reviewers like Optibotimus and Seanlong singing praise for the 1/6th scale figures and i’ve always just sat back in ore, watching from afar.

After careful toy-fund juggling and an approving nod from the wife I clicked the Purchase button.

It was done.

For those as new to 1/6th figures as I am, they are generally around 12″ tall as an average, some taller like Hulk, some shorter like Tyrion Lannister.

Its an amazing way to feed my scale junkie cravings.

CHAPPiE arrived and I couldn’t get him out of his plastic prison quick enough.

He is made from a good solid plastic, although much lighter than I was expecting weighing in at 250 grams.

I was taken back by the levels of detailing. I know 3D scanning has come a very long way but the likeness was insane.

Articulation is very good and although I was expecting upper thigh swivel, after re watching the movie the joints are exactly as depicted in the film.

Where do I go from here? Do I seek out more movie 1/6th bots? Its such a vast ocean of figures and my wallet is only so big.

Please check out my full review and Hi-Res gallery of CHAPPiE below and please pay site sponsors HobbyLink a visit.



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7 Responses

  1. Funny thing, a few days back I got the idae of researcher 1/6 figures 😉 (Iron Man mostly). Thank to You I have a new source of good reference and reviews for more than Transformers. Oh, and dont be to quick on socializing – take Your rest and wait for the meds to wear off.

  2. Blog was ok though right ?

  3. Eddie Sun says:

    I collect 1/6 figures….