Transformers Takara Tomy Masterpiece Ironhide MP-27 アイアンハイド

All I can remember from my childhood about Ironside in the TV series, was that he was hard as nails and that his toy looked nothing like him. I remember seeing a picture of him in an annual and saying to my dad that they have mislabeled that mess as Ironhide.

Skip forward 30 years and Boom!!! The guys over at Hobby Link Japan sent over the latest offering from Takara and I was literally taken back, it’s magnificent. My first impressions were genuine happiness , it felt solid , robust and looked spot on.

The early stock photos were terrible and having him in hand dispursed any fears I had. The diaper area was a worry but in person it’s looks extremely proportionate.

He comes packed with accessories, something new for Takara and this along with the amazing build quality and engineering, I honestly believe they have taken note from third party companies such as Maketoys as MMC.

Please feel free to check out my review and gallery below and if you like what you see pop over and see the guys n gals at HLJ and tell them I sent you.





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13 Responses

  1. Matt Deller says:

    Spot on Ben! Love your work 😄

  2. Pete Mb says:

    I agree Ben, love this figure so much, cannot wait for Ratchet.
    Great gallery

  3. Clinton Ogle says:

    I just got mine but i have a thing where i just leave toys unopened for months, and ill open them on a rainy day, the best pick me up lol

  4. I’m so excited for this! Ironhide has always been my favourite bot 🙂 As soon as I saw him in that first episode I was smitten ^_^ so happy to see him get this awesome release.

  5. 84 Toy was the MOST DEPRESSING THING I EVER SAW!!!!

  6. Just ordered mine and got to say he’s a good looking figure and will go well with my other masterpiece Autobots:)

  7. Apparently the g1 toy was taken from a diaclone figure where the stupid face lies in front of the screen was actually a chair for a little humanoid to sit in so he could control the robot suit hasbro paid some guy for the rights changed the colours to white and red and gave them the names rachet and ironhide simular sort of thing happened with shockwave and sound wave

  8. Man Tran says:

    Funny how a month or two ago many say craps about this Takara Ironhide figure but everbody
    seems to jump on it to get should arrive next week

  9. I love your passion and I feel the same way about Ironhide. He was my favorite autobot next to Prime from the 1984 original cast and when he arrived a few days ago I even shed a tear! I proudly poser him in my Mp cabinet! I can’t wait for HotRod!

  10. I wholeheartedly agree, I keep looking at it and it looks amazing on the shelf. The photos do not do the toy any justice.

  11. Kerry Mount says:

    well the 1984 ratchet & Ironhide w ere diaclone toys why they looked nothing like them. they were originally made to be robotic suits for pilots.It was hasbro back then they took all these & gave them each different personalities & Bios. they also made the face for ratchet & ironhide.Think that is also why orifginal optimus prime toy there are seats in his trailer.

  12. Dryl Bitz says:

    Lol, I was the other way around. I used to watch the cartoon and say, ‘They look nothing like the toys?! And why is it so babyish and different from the comics?!’