Unique Toys Y-01 Provider Octane

Unique Toys: The Company I called most improved of 2015 throws some triple changing action our way in the form of Provider.

Clearly Engineered by Nasa this really is a thing of beauty.

First impressions i was unsure if this fits the masterpiece grade but I’m happy to say i think it does.

It may not conform the the correct g1 inspired aesthetics that the other MP figures offer but this definitely looks and feels a cut above the rest.




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7 Responses

  1. Ryan Sheehey says:

    I’m really looking forward to this guy.

  2. He looks great. Still in two minds with this one.

  3. It’s very impressive, no doubt, but to be honest I have no affinity with the character, so will await their version of Blitzwing with great anticipation instead

  4. The truck mode throws me off plus the tail section of the plane seems off also.

  5. Clinton Ogle says:

    Looks real good just wish i knew who octane was lol everyone wants blitzwing or astrotrain!

  6. Karl Ogle says:

    Looks cool, I wouldn’t mind all 3 decepticon triple changers