Wei Jiang Transformers M01 戰擎司令官 Commander Optimus Prime


Now I have your attention lets have a little chat about Age Of Extinction.

My son and I actually really liked the movie especially when we first see rusty prime in his G1 style flat nose truck.

Seeing that version of Optimus made me feel like I was a kid again, screaming at the big screen “thats Prime, thats Optimus Prime!

The toys that followed were somewhat lacklustre and nothing really even encroached on the wow factor for me.

We saw various high quality over sized knock offs in 2015 , enlarging the AOE toys to their correct scales and as good as they were, I was still left feeling unsatisfied and hard done by.

Cue Wei Jiang and their M01 Commander. Based on the Evasion Mode Optimus toy; they have repainted, modified, oversized and tweaked this figure to perfection. Even the packaging screams high quailty.

Highly detailed, heavily articulated and armed to the teeth; this Optimus is what I spent 2015 craving and 2016 has delivered him to my door curtesy of TF-DIRECT.

Feel free to watch my review and view the gallery and let me know what you guys think.







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