WUKONG WK-06 Swindle

WUKONG are back with another Copyright Infringing masterpiece in the form of Swindle AKA Warbotron Sly Strike.

Thanks to the guys over at TF-Direct i get to see just how good this (4th Party?) Figure really is


Check out my review and gallery below and remember

BNVCA for $5 off over $100 orders





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9 Responses

  1. I sure will use it for the next 3 left i have for order 😉👍🏼 how is this one Ben?

  2. I’ve been wondering about these figures, how’s the plastic quality on them?

  3. Teryl Marble says:

    Mine are flying over the seas as we speak. I’m super excited for these! Swindle and onslaught were my two favorite season 2 bots. Can’t wait to get all of these!!!

  4. I love the alt mode.the main torso guy (onslaught??) is awesome!!I watched some youtube reviews.he just looks awesome.i also really dig how the bruticus head parts come and flip down over the existing head.it looks badass! 🙂 also his transformation is cool.these totallyput the official combined wars to shame.but these must be so expensive??? :/

  5. Eric Strole says:

    Where do you order them from?

  6. From TF-Direct.com Eric !

  7. Teryl Marble says:

    Still patiently waiting for mine, but have a small favor: any way to get a shot of swindle with an mp11 seeker and the badcube bugs? Trying to determine which shelf in my mp display these will be going. Thanks… Oh, and as usual, awesome review! You’ve been my go-to guy for 3p reviews lately! Very informative without acting like a hyperactive 7 year old.

  8. He looks cool. got a question though are they the same size as the warbotron ones could you mix and match them when you combine them?