Yes I am officially a scale junkie

If you follow my youtube and facebook post, you will have no doubt seen my dirty obsession with Bayverse Transformers.

This fling started with Wei Jiang and Kubianbao releasing the series of up scaled AOE figures to the size HASTAK should have given us in the first place.

Wei Jiang then gave us the amazing M01 Evasion Optimus, a definitive Prime and the proud centre piece of my movie collection.

Scale in the Masterpiece line has always been important for me in robot mode and now this has carried over to the movie line up. I became obsessed with trying to figure out how big bots from different movies should be and some of the amazing fans on Facebook helped by coming up with these mock up hight charts.



As you can see, unless we are going to set some serious oversized figures, toys like ROTF Jetfire are far too small. Alternatively figures from the Human Alliance line appear to scale very well as do figures such as Leader Ironhide and Starscream.

Sentinel is too small as is Megatron.

4EVER 問題不大; a small third party company are trying to rectify this problem by giving us screen accurate, hight accurate high end non-transforming figures.

They have already released Prime 2.0 and are now releasing Scorpion AKA Scorponok.

They are working on several other figures like Blackout and ROTF Megatron and although they are the higher end of the price spectrum, for scale junkies like myself they are definitely worth it.

I have recently been talking with Black Apple, the M01 designer for Wei Jiang who has informed me they are working on a DOTM Megatron that scales with Optimus and has hinted to me that they are also working on figures such as Brawl and Blackout.

I was recently asked why the movieverse has suddenly become popular again and I can honestly say its because of Wei Jiang and Kubianbao pumping out these affordable alternatives.

I personally love that we have so much choice, its an amazing time to be involved in the transformers fandom.

What do you all think about Scale? Until mass shifting is a real thing, I very much doubt we will ever have bot and alt modes scaling perfectly. But we can but hope!